Family Wellness & Fitness

Leading Families to a Healthier Way of Living

The ultimate goal of Flagship Fitness is to redefine what family wellness and fitness centers provide for the average person. 

The current $30 billion health and fitness industry really must make some significant changes and bring innovative solutions to adapt to the needs of today’s busy families. Meanwhile, our society’s understanding of mental and physical health has evolved and expanded, further requiring a deep transformation within the fitness industry.

A critical, health-related issue in the United States today is the continuous rise in obesity rates. And yet, this increasing demographic of overweight people is generally overlooked by traditional players in the fitness industry. This is where our presence is most needed and a niche opportunity that will support the growth of Flagship Fitness facilities.

A holistic approach to health for busy families

Because parents are working more, their eating patterns can be chaotic, and the time spent with their families can be limited. Flagship Fitness aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for the community it serves, as well as a fun space for the entire family to enjoy together.

Our holistic approach is designed to help our members make and keep lifestyle changes, to honor the commitment they make to themselves, through:

  • nutritional guidance 
  • realistic weight-loss programs
  • relaxation facilities, and 
  • excellent childcare amenities.
Our exclusive and uniquely branded programs will contribute to a domino effect on the lives of our members. They will be setting examples and influencing their family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. 
The family wellness and fitness center we will be building will balance medical expertise and efficient exercise while also addressing mental and emotional wellbeing. Delivering these at the highest standards will set us apart from other fitness centers. This will allow Flagship Fitness to become part of our members’ way of life, not just a place they visit from time to time.
To ensure our success, each division of our health and fitness center has one clear goal: to be the best in what they deliver within Flagship Fitness’ values, which are:

  • Redefining the family wellness and fitness concept
  • Bringing new solutions to modern family issues
  • Catering to the needs of a growing overweight population
  • Providing an inclusive experience for families
  • Offering courses and facilities of the highest quality
  • Creating a supportive environment for the community, and
  • Adapting our services to the changing needs of our club members

We encourage our investors to also be active Flagship Fitness members.

In addition to investing in the real estate properties and capital assets, you’ll also contribute to the growth of the community, the physical and mental wellbeing of the people in the community, and when you’re a member, in your own personal healthy lifestyle.  

Exceptional Spaces that Inspire & Energize!

From our fitness floor and pool to our studios and basketball courts, every space is designed to meet all fitness needs with state of the art equipment. Whether members are just starting their health journey or amping up their fitness level, whether they’re looking to de-stress or pump up, they’ll find the space and the equipment they need to do it right!

Our facilities will include: 

  • Yoga studio
  • Pilates studio
  • Fitness studio
  • Indoor aquatic center
  • 4-Lane lap pool
  • Whirlpool 
  • Steam room
  • Sauna
  • Basketball courts
  • Cardio & weight floor 
  • Gym
  • Indoor cycle studio
  • State-of-the-art locker rooms 
  • Flagship Café 
  • Flagship Day SPA
  • Youth club (ages 4-12) with complete video arcade
  • Childcare center 

The Hottest Classes for Fun & Results

Move your body and lift your spirits with classes that deliver all-out intensity, restorative meditation, and everything in between. Build muscle, learn new skills, and improve your health as part of a supportive, fun-loving community.

Some of our most sought-after classes will include:

  • Studio classes 
  • Pilates 
  • Health assessments 
  • Social events 
  • Nutritional coaching 
  • Weight loss programs 
  • Kids Academy 
  • Personal training 
  • Yoga/hot yoga 
  • Indoor cycling 
  • Team training 
  • Swimming lessons 

Flagship Spa.
Good for Your Health.

Flagship Fitness plans to offer a full-service day spa. The spa will be a place to go to heal, revive and transform yourself with skin, hair, nail and massage services. Members will enjoy being  able to schedule a Spa service after their workout, or at any time. Non-members will also be welcome to schedule Spa services.

Flagship Café.
Good for your Mind and Body.

The Flagship Café will be the perfect pre or post workout stop for members to get organic, nutritionally balanced, tasty food. 

The Flagship Café will not only offer real, wholesome goodness, but also help members take charge of their daily eating habits by offering nutrition coaching with licensed nutritionists.

If we offer it, then it’s healthy!


We’ll motivate, encourage, and teach members with some of the best trainers and fitness instructors in the industry. They’re passionate about the health of our members in an inclusionary and non-judgmental way. Members are encouraged to ask questions, help us challenge them, and even laugh with us! We’ll share our joy, passion, and knowledge as we help others build their healthier selves. 

We’ll watch, teach, and play with members’ children while they work out. From babies to tweens, we’ll keep them entertained with music, reading, yoga, dance, and more. Special events like Family Swim will give families a chance to have fun together.


At Flagship Fitness, our members will discover new ways to love life! By 

  • Having more fun
  • Discovering new passions
  • Reinventing family time, and
  • Making new friends.

All at Flagship Fitness!

Flagship Kids Academy.
Daycare that Cares.

The Flagship Kids Academy will be run by licensed daycare providers who will watch, teach and play with your kids while you’re  working out. From newborns to 8 years old, Flagship Kids Academy will keep your children entertained with music, reading, yoga, dance, and more.

Your Club. Their Adventure!

While members use the club, their babies, kids, and tweens can learn and play. They can discover classes, sports, and events, all in one fun place. 

Your “Me” Time. Their Fun Time! 

We’ll watch, teach, and play with your child every day. We’re there when you need some “me” time. Our caring, qualified staff will be all about making Flagship a safe and fun place for kids! Plus, we give your whole family extra fun-time with special events.

How to Support the Flagship Fitness Vision

There is much work to be done to bring the Flagship Fitness vision to fruition. And there is an immense need for our more balanced approach to family health and wellness.

If our vision excites you, as it does us, you can support the vision in a number of ways:


  • Help us spread the word. Tell your friends and family about Flagship Fitness.
  • Contact us with ways you can help in Ramsey, Minnesota or your community.