About flagship fitness

What We Offer

Flagship Fitness, Inc. [“Flagship”] offers the opportunity to invest in what is primarily an equity, real estate investment in the property, buildings and facility of a unique family wellness and fitness company. The company is unique in its vision for a family-focused fitness provider that is inclusive and non-judgmental for its members and holistic in its approach to physical and mental well-being. The investment funds will mostly finance the real estate purchase and building of the facilities; long-term capital assets that can appreciate and build equity.

We are confident in the success of Flagship Fitness and expect that our equity investors will be well rewarded within seven to nine years. In fact, Flagship Fitness, Inc. agrees to pay its equity investor(s) (preferred shareholders) 6% annual dividend starting the first year of operation. Also as part of the investors’ exit plan, Flagship Fitness, Inc. will increase all equity investments by 5% annually for a period of seven (7) years.

To earn your trust and confidence, Flagship Fitness has an insurance coverage policy for all of its investors, backed by AXA Insurance, Assurely’s TigerMark™ insurance policy that guarantees* investor money against any misuse.

For more details, see this disclaimer.

What We Will Do

The proposed 64,000 square foot two-story facility is designed to specifically, but not exclusively, tackle the growing obesity rate in America.

Flagship’s proposal was created in response to two sources for growing demand for our type of fitness facility:

A suburban demographic looking for multi-generational, family-oriented health and fitness centers, and

Markets with growth potential, but currently without such facilities.

Founded in Ramsey, Minnesota, the company aims to deliver high-quality and affordable services to those most in need of a lifestyle transformation: busy families, out of shape individuals, and other segments of the population presently ignored by the fitness industry.

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Flagship strives to be the place that attracts people on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and medically. Additionally, Flagship will offer a comprehensive array of services and programs to both large and small businesses. Businesses have come to realize that healthy employees are more productive than chronically ill ones, and it costs less to prevent injuries or illnesses than to treat them after they occur.

How We Will Do It

The business model and marketing strategy are centered around the fact that the Flagship Fitness vision will uniquely fill a need that is currently under-served, and because of this, the company will track to become a major player in the American fitness industry. 

Flagship Fitness will have two primary sources of revenue:

Monthly membership dues and enrollment fees

paid by members — our largest source of revenue

In-center revenue

generated through personal training, nutritional coaching, educational seminars, group fitness training, and other member activities, as well as sales of products at our Flagship Café, and products and services in the Flagship SPA.


Each member of the initial management team has extensive experience in the wellness and fitness, design, sales, and marketing industries. They are all presently involved in the local fitness industries (Lifetime Fitness and YMCA) or have been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. Everyone brings comprehensive industry knowledge in every aspect of the club’s operation and development.