Flagship Fitness

A Private Equity Investment Opportunity

Flagship Fitness, Inc. offers the opportunity to invest in what is primarily an equity, real estate investment in the property, buildings and facility of a unique family wellness and fitness company.

The company is unique in its vision to be a family-focused fitness provider that is inclusive and non-judgmental for its members and holistic in its approach to physical and mental well-being.

Our vision is well-timed to serve families who find it challenging to make healthier choices and fit wellness into their busy schedules.

Read more about Flagship Fitness, the family fitness market and our investment opportunity.

investor presentation

Leading Families to a Healthier Way of Living

The ultimate goal of Flagship Fitness is to redefine what family wellness and fitness centers provide for the average person
We have developed a unique holistic approach.
Nutritional Guidance
Excellent Childcare Amenities
Realistic Weight Loss Programs
Relaxation Facilities
The holistic approach is designed to help our members make and keep lifestyle changes, and to honor the commitment they make to themselves.
Flagship Fitness aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for the community it serves, as well as a fun space for the entire family to enjoy together.